Knowledge and Information Systems
An International Journal
ISSN: 0219-1377 (printed version)
ISSN: 0219-3116 (electronic version)
by Springer

June 29, 2023: the 2022 KAIS impact factor is 2.7.

Instructions for Final Manuscript Preparation

The KAIS journal is published by Springer-Verlag. When your paper is accepted for publication in KAIS, please follow the instructions below to prepare your final manuscript. The acceptance notice from the Editor-in-Chief includes detailed advice on where to submit which items.

Please proofread your paper carefully before the final submission, including the paper title and section titles.

1. The Copyright Transfer Statement

The Springer Copyright Transfer Statement will be e-mailed to you by the typesetter when the page proofs are ready.

2. Technical Biographies for Regular Papers

Please provide a technical biography with a passport-size photo of each author of the accepted regular paper. These will be published in Regular Papers but not in Short Papers. The following guidelines should be followed.

3. The Abstract and Keywords

An abstract of no more than 200 words should state the purposes of the study, procedures, findings and conclusions. This should be followed by four to eight key words to assist cross-indexing.

4. Figures and Tables

Tables should be numbered consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text and titled. Each column should have an explanatory heading and should not repeat data which is available elsewhere in the paper.

Figures (original line drawings) should be professionally prepared and of immediate reproducible quality. All illustrations (including computer printouts and listings) should be numbered consecutively. The amount of lettering on a drawing should be reduced as far as possible by transferring information to the legend.

Both tables and figures can be put inside the main paper.

5. References

In the text, references should be shown by the author's name followed by the year in parentheses e.g. (Green 1980). If more than two authors are involved, et al. should be used, e.g. Green, Brown and Black 1965 should be (Green et al 1965). If more than one paper by the same author appears in the same year, these should be distinguished by a and b.

At the end of the article, references should be given in a list in alphabetical order on authors' names in the following format:

For journals: Cooley R, Mobasher B and Srivastava J (1999) Title of article. Knowledge and Information Systems 1: 5-32
(Either Knowledge Information Systems or Journal of Knowledge and Information Systems is not accurate for the journal title.)

For books: Langton CG (ed) (1996) Title of Book. Publisher, Place of Publication, pp 201-222

Chapters in a book (or papers in a proceedings): Yamamoto Y, Sasaki T, Tokoro M (1999) Title of chapter, In: Floreano D, Nicoud J-D, Mondada F (eds) Title of Book. Publisher, Place, pp 39-48

Note that the first three authors' names should be given in full: if there are more than three authors, et al should be used after the third name.

References are the authors' responsibility and failure to supply complete references and/or inaccuracies may lead to a delay in publication.

6. Style Files

You are encouraged to use LaTeX for the preparation of your final paper together with the corresponding journal style file, kais.cls. A sample LaTeX file, KAISsampl.tex, shows how to use the kis.cls style file. However, if you cannot get the style file to work correctly with your final paper, you can use any common style file.

7. Files in Other Formats

If you cannot provide LaTeX files, the Publisher also accepts Microsoft Word documents with no typesetting charge.